Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Adoption is

A beautiful poem written by Lynn Grubb by way of her post Paradox over at Lost Daughters. I think this is incredibly moving and honest. I wanted to share it here because it resonated so deep within the recesses of me. I found myself nodding in agreement and exhaling deeply. Thank you Lynn!
xo Two

Adoption is
a concept, a belief and an action
A lack of choice and being chosen
A legal solution to a spiritual problem
A spiritual solution to a legal problem
A loving choice and a thrusting upon
A nurturing touch yet a stealing away

it saved me; yet damaged me
Provided for me, yet took away from me
Blessed me yet cursed me
Gave me a name and took a name
It creates a chance for love to grow and a door for misunderstanding
It creates a family out of strangers and strangers out of family
It inspires and teaches and it wounds and damages

Adoption is
My friend and my enemy
A thorn in my side and my shining light
A rainbow and a gravestone
Acceptance and rejection
Truth and lies
Known and unknown
Love and hatred
a casting away and returning

Adoption is
Not my friend nor my enemy
Not the excuse or the cause
Not perfect or evil
Not the reason or the scapegoat
Not who I am or who I am not
Everything and nothing

copyright Lynn Grubb
(reproduced with permission)


  1. I absolutely love and completely relate to this poem. I hope you don't mind I shared it on my facebook page, and was sure to tag you in it.

    Thank you sharing this with us. I really enjoy reading your posts, as an adoptee myself, I find true meaning in them.

  2. Thank you for reposting my poem! Lynn Grubb