Monday, August 6, 2012

To learn this Alchemy...

Some days I have a million creative blog post ideas and then there are days like today......oh hello Monday.  Where the well comes up a bit dry after spending a great weekend being inspired and creating.  When this happens I usually wander down the garden path and visit blog friends that I adore and see what's in their well, hoping for a spark of inspiration and it never fails, I always find brilliance.  So this morning I'd like to share the beautiful writing from Mrs. M and her blog Letters to Ms Feverfew.  She has managed to write all that I'm thinking and feeling as of late.

The below excerpts were taken from her recent post To Learn This Alchemy: Not Cured, But Transformed which is how I am trying to live, what I try to remind myself each morning as the sun rises and the french press brews.  How to carry all that adoption has given me and all that it has taken away from me...gracefully and in a positive light filled space in my to transform all the pain into love.   Please wander over and read the entire post here as the below is just a tiny morsel of truth from her post.  Her post shines, it sparkles, it curls up in that part of your heart that sometimes just needs a little extra...this one is for all of matter what side of the adoption fence you reside.
"Rabbi Mendel of Kotzk once said, “There is nothing so whole as a broken heart.” The world breaks our hearts open, and the openness makes us whole. Engaged with a brokenhearted world, we cannot and should not expect to be ‘cured’ of grief, fear, and despair. Rather, we learn how to become more comfortable with our shared human vulnerability. We learn the art and power of no protection–a spiritual power, not an egoic conquest won through armoring ourselves against pain, or against an enemy. To learn this alchemy, we must be willing to accept suffering and vulnerability as a normal part of life. Because we are vulnerable, life hurts. We are not here to be free of pain. We are here to have our hearts broken by life, and to transform that pain into love.” — Miriam Greenspan, 2011, pp. 148-149."
"Not cured, but transformed. Grief into empathy. Depression into resiliency. Pain into love. That is the alchemy I am trying to learn." ~ Letters to Ms Feverfew
Brilliant, just brilliant...just reading it I felt a huge dandelion wish filled breeze! Thank you and many hugs to the divine Mrs. M for writing what's in my heart today and for helping me redirect my Monday's ship onto the right course.  I'm sitting right next to you in that Alchemy class!
xo Two
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    OK, maybe I'll remember someday how to sign off on my comments, but then maybe not!! LOVE that you are writing again and writing so well - truly inspiring! Keep it up, your voice is needed and wanted ~