Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The next step

"Of all the pitfalls in our paths and the tremendous delays
and wanderings off the track I want to say that they are not what they seem to be.
I want to say that all that seems like fantastic mistakes are not mistakes
 all that seems like error is not error; and it all has to be done.
That which seems like a false step is the next step."
~Agnes Martin, Writings
Woodblock print by
(English, 1874-1941)
Color woodblock print
Signed in pencil at lower right, M. A. Royds
Self-carved and self-printed by the artist
From an edition of approximately 50 impressions, ca. 1920-30's. 
25 by 18.4 cm
 Garton & Cooke, London, Catalogue Twenty-Eight, 1984
MB (Marjorie Barton, daughter of the artist) no. 31

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