Friday, March 22, 2013

Face the truth

"My life now consists of fragments where some are so blinding in their intensity that they make everything else indistinguishable. What shall I do with these glittering shards? There is no pattern; I can't make them fit. With each other, or with the whole that should be my life. It feels as if my existence was extinguished in a flash, and afterwards my universe became incomprehensible. Just shards and particles, which I carry with me wherever I go. They are sharp and they still hurt to touch. And they are so heavy. I know there is more - there are less intense fragments that I need to make it whole. I want to remember everything. But perhaps I need to give it more time. Allow myself some rest. Distance myself a little, to see if I can make out a pattern. And face the truth about what is really there.”
~ Linda Olsson, Astrid and Veronika
I highly recommend this book.  It is by far one of the most beautiful books I have ever read.  A sparkling gem truly...Linda's words and writing style haunt me in such a lovely way...a little treasure to keep close at hand.
I re-read this book at least once of year and always discover something new I hadn't seen or felt before.  When I finish reading this again, I will curl up with Linda's new (to me) book "The Memory of Love" (previously released as "The Kindness of Your Nature").  I glanced at the first few pages and I'm already enchanted.
Happy Friday friends,
xo Two
P.S. Part Two of Dr. Brene' Brown's Super Sunday Soul series with Oprah airs this Sunday!

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