Monday, December 31, 2012


Beautiful photograph by the very talented Jessica Nichols
To see more of her work, please wander over to her lovely blog and her etsy shop
i'm still here...
an unexpected yet necessary break from blogging
nablopomo was a wash for me...i got the usual seasons changing cold
that knocked me on my a$%
it was clear i wasn't taking care of my self quite enough

self care for a few days which tumbled into an unexpected break from blogging
to reconfigure.
Then december hit like a freight train...
i so desperately tried to fall back in love with christmas
to find my childlike wonder of the holidays and to enjoy
but alas the december chaos took over
then i lost what little spirit i had found with the senseless Newtown tragedy
which broke my heart in so many ways
it shifted the ground under my feet...still trying to find my footing
christmas morning was melancholy...
i kept thinking about the newtown families and what they were waking up to...
for what they have to endure
My christmas was quiet, internal, reflective...simple white candles were lit, simple twinkle
lights this year loud red and green decorations...out of respect...out of love...out of my need for calm...for quiet...for stillness
So here i am...i'm back
attempting restoration, resiliency and hopefulness...looking to the new year
following my inner voice to focus only on the love, the lessons and not the losses
to keep moving forward even when i don't want to...
to keep changing and rearranging even when i don't want to...
hope everyone is well...i've missed you...i've missed this place

happy new year with love and light.
be true to you,
xo two

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