Sunday, November 4, 2012

My father's eyes

According to biology, it takes two to make a baby. However, when it comes to adoption often the natural father seems to be left out of the conversation more often than not. Do you feel that’s a valid statement? Were your natural parents treated as equals in your adoptive household? As a child, did you wonder about your natural father? Were you given any details about him? How did that make you feel? What is your view on natural fathers’ rights?

I did always wonder about my biological father, not as much as my biological mother.  I wondered if they loved each other or if I was a product of something else entirely.  Any song that contained the beautiful sentiment of having your father's eyes would literally crush me.  I was told a version of him...a fairy tale story that turned out to be completely other words, I was lied to.  It was to become one of the many factors that led to the fallout....the communication breakdown...I could no longer trust what was being told to me.  Being lied to was almost as bad at the truths I had to uncover by myself.  I've grown to understand what a true father is and isn't.  I wrote about the subject of fathers in a previous post entitled "Wanted".  As it turns out, I do have my biological father's eyes but I have my adoptive father's heart.
Stay true to you,
xo Two

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