Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Past all of my own mistakes

My new favorite song...it's breathtaking.
Mike Errico
Filmed live at Joe's Pub, NYC 2007
Credits: Brian Berkowitz, Patrick Heil, Kristin Mulgrum, Ken Rich
Official site: www.errico.com
Someday I’m gonna get where I’m going
Someday, someday
Somewhere past the blindness of my faith
I keep my eye on the plans I’ve made
And someday I’ll get there
Past the smiles that crack like frozen lakes
Under children’s figure skates
I am going
Past all of my own mistakes
A thousand more I’ve yet to make
But I am going
I am going
I’m gonna get there, I know it
I do not care how long it takes
I do not care what stands in my way
I don’t care what anybody has to say
I know myself
I know myself and I am not afraid
And someday, I’ll get there

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