Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We walk the line...

between straight lines, triangles and full circles
always in between...
between reality and dreams, sorrows and joys
between what is, what was, what could have been and what will never be
between hope and joy, disappointment and letting go
between ghosts and mirrors
between shadows and fog
between darkness and light.

We step on cracks to break the backs
for simple blameless apologies of 'I'm sorry' that never come
miss mary mack with silver buttons all down her back
we navigate narrow passageways and balance beams
all while smiling gratefully,
juggling and spinning plates
of the known and the unknown
of lies, secrets and truths.

we walk the line
we are the survivors
of socially accepted shipwrecks
ahoy there...take your safety flares
keep them close
to light the night sky
for when our seas toss and turn.

I'm glad you are here
in this boat
because I know you know that I know
that they know that we know
how it feels...and what is the truth
and knowledge is power
and that is why we walk the line.

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