Thursday, August 9, 2012

Did you know

Caged Dandelion Notebook
"In the United States, only six states (Alabama, Alaska, Kansas, Maine, New Hampshire and Oregon) allow adopted persons unrestricted access to their original birth certificates upon the age of 18. While other states have made some progress, there are still 44 American states not allowing an adopted persons to be treated the same as a non adopted person, and in most states, they are still completely denied access to their own records for life. All adoptees not living in an open records state, whether in an open or closed adoption, will find that their original birth certificate will forever be sealed away under current legislation." ~Adoptee Rights Coalition

Note:  In late 2011 Rhode Island passed legislation for open records, which became effective in July 2012.  So make that 7 down, 43 to go....

Unfortunately, I was born in one of the closed 43 states.  Even though I am an adult, in reunion and can recite all of the information on my original birth certificate, state government still denies me access to my original birth certificate.  I have been told by government officials that I do not have the right to obtain MY OWN birth certificate.

It's a hard pill to swallow.

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